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Finding answers to questions like "What cartridge or supplies go in this machine?", "What other machines are based on this engine?", "Is it an all in one design or are their multiple supply parts?", "Do we sell this cartridge?", and "How many pages will I get out of it?" seem to consume too much precious sales time. With all of the new machines and cartridges coming out each year, it’s no wonder your sales team spends more time researching sales than completing them.

It doesn't have to be this way anymore. Now you have Cart-Scan! This state-of-the-art cross-reference program provides answers to these and other questions on tens of thousands of industry part numbers, printers, copiers, fax machines, calculators, typewriters, P.O.S. machines, and more.  Cart-Scan does it all within seconds! Not only are you provided with FAST answers to your customers’ questions, it frees up your sales team to do more of the things they need to do, sell.

Completely user-friendly, Cart-Scan’s features enable you to search rapidly by manufacturer, engine, or part numbers. Just type in a manufacturer and a model, Cart-Scan shows you which cartridge type is needed. You may even select a engine and Cart-Scan will show you all the manufacturer’s models that are based on that type. If you only have a cartridge part number, Cart-Scan will tell you what engine style that part number is based on. It even has a feature that will automatically switch search modes for you. Cart-Scan will also display other information about engines in the Information Panel, such as: related part numbers, if it can be remanufactured, if generic replacements are available and if the engine has an ozone filter. The program will also show you if the engine is an "all in one design", if it has a developer, and the page yield(s).

Cart Scan Setup Picture Cart-Scan is customizable! With just the click of a button, you may indicate whether or not your company sells a selected engine, and even set prices for your products. You may also enter in any additional notes related to that engine type in the custom notes section.

There is a products section which allows you to enter unlimited part numbers related to each engine style. There are also three pricing fields for each! The part numbers you enter are added to the search by part number list as well as the related parts list.

Cart-Scan is a sales tool which helps assist your sales team! Our Variation Warning Light helps minimize incorrect sales. This indicator light works similarly to a traffic light. Caution and concern should always be used when selling a cartridge to ensure that the correct cartridge type is sold. The Variation Warning Light simply indicates the amount of caution that should be used when making a sale.



User-Friendly Just enter information and Cart-Scan will search and find as you type, FAST!!!
Intelligent Search Engine Partial spellings, misspellings, and alternative referencing (i.e.: +/PLUS, or III/ 3).
Manufacturer Search  Select a manufacturer, then model, and see the engine it is based on.
Engine Search Select a engine and see who else makes a machine that is based on that type.
Part Number Search Find out what engine style a manufacturers part number is.
Auto Switch Mode Automatically switches you from Search By Manufacturer to Search By engine modes.
Auto Cross Ref Select a manufacturer's model and press one button and Cart-Scan will show you all machines based on that machines engine.
Extremely Fast! Information is found just as fast as it is typed.
Proper Sorting 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 ,20, 30, 40.....instead of 1, 10, 2, 20, 3, 30, 4, 40.....
Variation Warning Light Indicates the potential for variations in the imaging part your customer needs. (I.E. A customer has a Panasonic UF-755 which is a Fuji-Xerox 5/10 but only the Panasonic version will fit in the machine.
Shows Engine Info Toner/Ink, Design type, common part numbers, page yield(s), generic availability, and if models have developers or ozone filters.
Multiple Display Options Customize what Cart-Scan displays and how it is displayed.
Customizable Enter your part numbers related to each engine style and pricing.  Create custom notes for each engine style.
Print Lists Cross-Reference and Price lists containing: all engine styles, only ones you sell, or selected engine styles.
Print Price Quotes Simply find the machines your customer uses, select the parts you want to sell them, and print. Then save the quotes so later you can track your customers pricing, quantities ordered, and machines they have.
Compatibility WINDOWS 95 or greater

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