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If you install Cart-Scan, a copy of this manual is installed on your computer.   To access it, double click on the icon labeled MANUAL in the CPR program group.  

Cross-Reference GuideFor Printers, Copiers, and Fax Machines

I. Welcome!
Welcome to CPR’s Cart-Scan, a state-of-the-art cross reference guide that uses our SLR
TM (Systematic Logical Reference) search technology. Cart-Scan has intelligence. Even if you enter misspellings, partial words, or fractions of information, Cart-Scan will find exactly what you need.

Here is a complete guide to help you understand all of the features Cart-Scan has to offer. The information in this document can be printed or viewed on-line as you work with Cart-Scan. So, let’s get started!


II. Learning Cart-Scan’s Features

B. Keyboard Functions:

F1 Find next match in the left side list (find.gif (173 bytes) next to the left header does the same).

F2 Find next match in the right side list (find.gif (173 bytes) next to the right header does the same).

F3 Find next match in the currently selected list.

The Up, Down, Page Up, & Page Down keys will scroll you through the currently selected list.

The Tab and Enter keys work the same, they both switch you from input field to input field.

Highlighted Erase: if you double press either the Tab or Enter keys, it will re-highlight the input field* you are currently working in and allow you to retype without having to backspace.

*NOTE: If the input field you are currently in IS NOT highlighted, then as you type it will continue adding letters onto what was previously typed. If the input field IS highlighted, then the new letters will replace what you had.


C. Intelligence Capabilities: Whatever you may be typing, Cart-Scan will search, even if you use:

Alternative Referencing: type the word "PLUS" and it will find the "+" sign.

Spaces and Dashes: are ignored. "4V", "4-V", & "4 V" are all the same.

Text Sequences: out of sequence text is ignored, "4 LaserJet" is the same as "LaserJet4".

Partial Spellings: instead of typing out Hewlett Packard, LaserJet III D it can be shortened to "HP", "3D".

Experiment and see the minimum key information you have to give Cart-Scan for it to find what you need.


III. Searching in Cart-Scan

Search Selector

search.gif (1004 bytes)

Cart-Scan is equipped with three different search methods.  You can search by manufacturer, engine, or by part numbers. The manufacturer search mode will tell you the engine design of a model made by the manufacturer you have selected. If you want to see machines that have a specific engine design, then you would use the engine search mode. Use the part number search mode when your customers place their orders by part numbers. See which manufacturer's part number it is and the engine(s) it is related to.  Let’s learn these search features!

A. Search By Manufacturer Example: Click on the Manufacturer button . The left header will say Manufacturer and the right header will say Model. Make sure your cursor is located under the Manufacturer header.

Type the word "BELL", Bell & Howell will be located, but suppose you wanted Packard Bell? Just press the F1 key and Packard Bell will be located. (See "Keyboard Functions" for other shortcuts when searching.)

Now that we have located the manufacturer, press Tab to move into the right input field. This is under the Model header. Type "83" and Cart-Scan will find the model: "PB 83 PS".

Notice that both of the lists are highlighting with what Cart-Scan feels you are looking for and the information panel provides specific information such as:

l The Manufacturer and Model.
l The type of engine design.
l Specific information about the engine design including: if you sell it, the design type of the engine, if its supply unit(s) can be rebuilt, and any additional notes you have entered for the engine style.
l Your custom notes related to this engine style.
l If you have entered products related to the selected engine style, the prod.gif (190 bytes) will be enabled. Press this button to see your listed products.
l If there are any parts related to the selected engine style, the related.gif (214 bytes) will be enabled. Press this button to see industry part numbers.

B. Search By Engine Example: Click on the Engine button . The left header will say Engine and the right header will say Manufacturer/Model. Make sure your cursor is located under the Engine header.

Suppose you want to find who uses the "Canon LBP-EX" engine. Start by typing an "E" and Cart-Scan will highlight "Canon BJ-10 E". Now, type an "X" and

"Canon LBP-EX" is highlighted. The right list shows you every model that uses that engine.


C. Search By Part Number Example: Click on the Part Number button . The left header will say Part Number. Simply type in the part number and see whose part it is.

Supposing you have customers who order by part number. Start by typing the series of numbers/letters. Try typing: "13 R 9". Cart-Scan automatically highlights that part number and displays the engine information telling you that this is the "Xerox 5018" engine style.


D. Other Search Features:

Auto Scan Button: This button is visible when you are in search by manufacturer mode and information is entered in the right input field.  Press this button to scan the manufacturers for models that match what is typed in the right input field.   Cart-Scan will stop each time it has found a mach.  Press the button again to find the next match.

Auto Switch Button: When this button is selected, Cart-Scan will automatically switch between the manufacturer, engine, and part # search modes, based on Cart-Scan’s interpretation of what you type in the left input field.

Cross Ref Button: When Cart-Scan is in search by manufacturer mode and both a manufacturer and model are highlighted, this button, when pressed, will cross-reference to a list of all manufacturers and their models that use the currently displayed engine.

Switch To Button: When Cart-Scan is in search by engine mode and both a engine and model are highlighted, this button, when pressed, will switch to a list of all the models of the currently displayed manufacturer.


Cross Ref/Switch To Example: Click on . The left header will say Manufacturer and the right header will say Model. Make sure your cursor is located under the Manufacturer header.

Type "HP" in the left input field and "5L" in the right input field. This will highlight "Hewlett Packard (HP)" in the left list and "LaserJet 5 L" in the right list. If you have selected to show the button hints (see Setting Display Information) move the mouse onto , the hint will read: "Shows all Canon LBP-AX based models". Next, click on . This will highlight "Canon LBP-AX" in the left list and "LaserJet 5 L" in the right list. Now your right list contains all models with a Cannon LBP-AX engine style.

Now place the mouse on and the hint will read: "Shows all of Hewlett Packard (HP)’s models". Pressing this button will switch search modes again. The Manufacturer list will have "Hewlett Packard (HP)" highlighted and "LaserJet 5 L" will be highlighted in the right list.


IV. Displaying Information In Cart-Scan
vwc.gif (143 bytes) Variation Warning
This appears as a light to the left of the engine on the main screen. When an engine is selected and there is sufficient information in the Cart-Scan database about that engine, the light will change from green to yellow to red depending upon the variation potential of that engine. If you have indicated you do not sell products for the selected engine, the variation light will be red. If the light is yellow or red, the reason(s) will have a color light preceding it in the engine note section.

vwu.gif (120 bytes) There is not enough information in Cart-Scan to determine the variation of this machine/engine supplies.
vwg.gif (143 bytes) This machines/engine image supply is a single piece and should not vary.
vwy.gif (143 bytes) This machines/engine image supplies vary in yield and/or more that a single component is needed.
vwr.gif (143 bytes) Any or all of the following can apply:
  - You have indicated you do not sell products for this machine/engine.
  - The part yields vary.
  - The designs of the supplies vary.


Display Selector 

display.gif (822 bytes)

Once you have an engine or machine selected, Cart-Scan can display various information related to that engine.  This information can be accessed through the display selector located to the right of Cart-Scan.  If prod.gif (190 bytes), related.gif (214 bytes), or any plugins you have installed has information related in some way to the current selected engine, it will be active or in normal color (not grey).

When notes.gif (189 bytes) is pressed, engine notes as well as your custom notes for the selected engine will be displayed.  The quote.gif (155 bytes) is used to access you quote list.  This is where you load, save, and print quotes that you have created.  The prod.gif (190 bytes) will display products of yours that you have entered and are related to the selected engine.


V. Price Quotes
Once a model or engine is selected, you can begin to develop a customer quote.  This can be done by using the data under  prod.gif (190 bytes) or related.gif (214 bytes).

While viewing your products or related products, you will see the following panel at the bottom of the display:

quoter1.gif (793 bytes)

Highlighting a row in the section, enter the quantity and price at the bottom of the display.  If you are viewing your products and have entered prices, click on a price to have it automatically entered in the price field below.  Once you have the desired product selected, quantity and price entered, press selected.gif (793 bytes).  This will add the information you have selected to the quoter.  Repeat for additional products, models, or engines.  After all the parts you need have been added to the quote, press quote.gif (155 bytes).  This will allow you to view and edit the customer's quote.  To edit a field, simply click on it and start typing.  At the bottom of the quoter display you will see to following panel:

quoter2.gif (1218 bytes)

The button functions are as follows:

add.gif (111 bytes) - Will add a blank quote line so you can enter other items you sell that are not listed in Cart-Scan.
delete.gif (100 bytes) - Delete the highlighted line from the quote.
updown.gif (141 bytes) - Move the highlighted item up or down in the list - can order the data as you see fit.
load.gif (163 bytes) - Load a Quote. You can load a previously saved quote.
save.gif (172 bytes) - Save the Quote:  you can save the information directly to your hard drive.  This allows you to keep track of customer's specific needs.  Quotes saved will end in <.qt>.  You can import these files into your word processor to create customized quotes.
clear.gif (175 bytes) - Clear the Quote.  Be very careful when using this button, although a warning box will appear, clicking YES will delete the entire quote.
print.gif (175 bytes) - Print the loaded quote.


VI. Customizing Cart-Scan
Click config.gif (245 bytes). This will bring up the configuration window with the Engines Tab displayed first.

A. Engines Tab: Here, you may select engines and set up some additional information you would like to see when each engine is selected. This section will also show you the number of machines that use each engine. The following are places you can enter your company's information:

Rename Engine To - Enter in the name you would rather show than the Industry Standard name for the highlighted engine (i.e.- you may call a "Canon LBP-EX" just "EX" or "R98A" and so on).

We Sell Products For This Engine - Use this to specify whether or not your company sells the highlighted engine. While an engine is highlighted, you can use the Space Bar to select and unselect. When the engine list window is selected, use the Up & Down keys and the Space Bar for rapid selecting and unselecting of engines you sell. Use the YES and No buttons to quickly set and unset all engines.

In the engine list window, the symbols on the left indicate the following:
box.gif (54 bytes) - You have not indicated if you sell supplies for this engine.
chkbox.gif (62 bytes) - You sell supplies for this engine.
xbox.gif (64 bytes) - You do not sell supplies for this engine.

Notes - You have unlimited note space to enter pertinent information that will help your sales team have answers on hand (i.e. - if you sell by multiple column pricing, you can list your prices here).

Related Products - Enter in your products that are related to the selected engine style. Use plus.gif (120 bytes) to add products and minus.gif (114 bytes) to remove products. Use arrows.gif (285 bytes) to scroll through products that have been added.


B. Program Settings Tab: Click on the Program Settings tab at the bottom of the window.

Company Name: Enter your company name or the brand name of your products.

Configure Screen Password: This allows you to lock the configuration window.

Remind Monthly To Go To WWW.TEAMCPR.COM: When checked, you will be reminded the first time each month you run Cart-Scan, to check our website and download any updates.

Show Button Hints: When checked, hints will show when you place the mouse over the main screens buttons.

Display Price Quoter: Allows you to hide the price quote feature of Cart-Scan.

Load Plugins When Cart-Scan Starts: Disable loading of Cart-Scan plugins.


C. Display Settings Tab: This panel enables you to select the way you would like Cart-Scan to function.

Let's start with the Display section. In this section there is the Imaging Parts Variation Warning option. Uncheck this option to turn off the variation warning light.

Below is the Note Layout display box (located in the upper left-hand corner). Here, you can choose which way you would like to see your notes section and the engine information notes displayed on the information panel: Horizontally or Vertically.

Below this section is the First Note display box. You can select which notes section (the engine information notes or your customized notes) you would like to see displayed on the information panel first. If layout is horizontal, the first notes section will be in the top position; if layout is vertical, the first notes section will be on the left side.

To the right of these fields is the Engine Info. section: You can check or uncheck the engine information you would like to see displayed on the information panel.

Now, let’s go to the Search Features. The first section, Startup Mode is where you select which search mode you would like Cart-Scan to start-up in, manufacturer, engine, or part # search mode, and whether should be on or off.

When in search by engine mode and the Show All Manufacturers Models When Searching By Engines option is selected, Cart-Scan displays the models with their manufacturer’s names justified to the right. When unselected, all manufacturers will be listed, justified to the left, and only the current highlighted manufacturer's models will be displayed. Cart-Scan works faster with this option set to on, especially on slower machines.

Finally we have Rename Price Headings.  Use these section to re-label what your related products price1, price2, and price3 represent. 


D. Print Lists Tab: You can print out your own cross-reference guide of engines or a price list. The cross-reference guide can include all engine types, only ones you sell, or a selection of engines. The price list can contain all products entered, or products for a selection of engines. To print a list, select the Print Lists tab. If you entered any information into the Show Engine As field, that information will print on the list rather than the industry engine name.

Engine Selection List - Used to select the engines to include when Include is set to Selected engine(s). To select a range of engines, click on the first engine you would like.   Scroll up or down to the final engine, hold down the SHIFT key and click on that engine.  To add/remove engines, hold the CTRL key when clicking on an engine.

Auto-Select - Use this to store selections and setting that you use often.  Simply select the engine(s) you wish to include, adjust the settings as you would like, enter a eight character name for this selection and press save.  To delete a selection, select it from the auto-select list then press delete.

Print - Select which type of output you want: Cross-Reference or Price List.

Include - Should the output include all engines in the Cart-Scan database, only engines you have indicated you sell products for, or engines you have selected in the Engine Selection List

Price Columns To Include - When printing price lists, use this to control which prices fields are included.

VII. Support:
Should you experience any difficulties installing or running Cart-Scan, you can contact Technical Support at CPR by calling: (540) 659-7727 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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